About Patrick B. Horsman 

The Journey So Far - "Patrick B. Horsman"

Patrick, a proud resident of Puerto Rico, shares life with his beautiful daughter Juliette Horsman

Although now a serial entrepreneur of great renown, Patrick Horsman was once a broker in the hedge fund industry and private equity.  His rise is one of passion, innovation, and inspiration.  

Upon graduating from the University of Arizona summa cum laude with two degrees in economics and finance and earning his CFA, Patrick obtained a  position with a boutique broker-dealer and began successfully building the business by raising several billion dollars.  His passion and determination earned him success within one year.    

 Today, Patrick is an avid golfer and spearfisherman, but he continues to grow his existing businesses and always seeks new investment opportunities.   

He continues to provide coaching services to young entrepreneurs, and is a CIO in several ventures in real estate and cryptocurrency.  Finally, he is an active investor in decentralized finance, and other forms of cryptocurrency. 

When he isn’t working, Patrick enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, spearfishing, and working on his foundation, through which he provides financial aid and resources to low-income students all across America.

Patrick B Horsman: An Entrepreneur Focused on Excellence

Patrick graduated from the University of Arizona with two degrees, in economics and finance, where the importance of secondary education became deeply ingrained.   Soon after graduation, he earned his CFA. He is now a successful entrepreneur with multiple interests who spends the majority of his time working on the Patrick B. Horsman Foundation, which was established in 2021 to help students from lower socioeconomic statuses fund, among other things, their postsecondary education. Through his foundation, Patrick Horsman ultimately seeks to create a platform where students can find the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to achieve their career goals. 

A Philanthropist at Heart 

With decades of success, and a genuine desire to help, Patrick Horsman has developed a stellar reputation from all who know him.   He has gained the respect of his peers as a result of his boundless vision, dedication, and fervor for making a difference in other people’s lives.  That said, Patrick firmly believes that tuition costs should not stop a talented and deserving student from earning a degree. Using the Patrick Horsman Foundation and its underlying Scholarships, Patrick Horsman seeks to lower burdens for students struggling to pay high tuition costs around the United States.

Passion for education

Patrick is passionate about helping the next generation of business leaders come up through college and their early careers. To help, he started the Patrick Horsman Giving academic scholarship grant.